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Bingo Sato - vocal
Duke Takada - sniper
Bobo - drums
Kentaro Kawaguchi - leader

Tokyo, Japan


1995年結成。自身のレーベルよりファースト・アルバム『54 -71』('97)、アメリカのDEERHOOF、OX BOWとの3スプリット・アルバム、更にはフリー・シングルの配布などによって、ジワジワと注目を集める。00年にはLEE V CLEEFから『54-71』、COMPOZILAから『UNTITLED』を、01年にはLastrumより『reprise』をリリースした後、02 年にBMG JAPANより『enClorox』でメジャー・デビュー。STEVE ALBINI(SHELLAC)が運営するスタジオ【ELECTRICAL AUDIO】にて、同じくSHELLACのメンバーであるBOB WESTONをエンジニアに迎え製作。更に03年には同じくBOB WESTONエンジニアの下、JOHN McENTIRE(TORTOISE)のスタジオ【SOMA】にて製作されたメジャー第二弾『true men of non-doing』を発表。アメリカのpeleや、そして盟友DEERHOOFなどとのツアーも行ない圧倒的な支持を集める。そして04年に全曲新録音によるベスト・アルバム『ALL SONGS COMPOSED & PERFORMED BY 54-71』(some of us)を発表後にギターの高田憲明が脱退。佐藤がキーボードを担当し、インストゥルメンタル・バンドとして54-71は再スタート。シングル『untitled』(some of us)、NINE DAYS WONDERとのスプリットEPを発表する。
そして07年に現在のギタリストである高田拓哉が加入し、54-71は4ピース・バンドとして再び始動。08年に自身を中心とするレーベル、【contrarede】を設立し、「I'm not fine, thenk you.And you?」のリリースに至る。
About the band

54-71 was formed in 1995. With its self-released debut album, "54-71" (1997), three-way split album with Deerhoof and Ox Bow, and eps, which were distributed free of charge, the band has gained a steadily growing following. In 2000, "54-71" was re-released by the Lee V Cleef label and the album "Untitled" was released by Compozila. After Lastrum released the album "reprise" in 2001, the band made its major label debut with its BMG Japan release, "en Clorox," which was recorded at Steve Albini's (Shellac) "Electrical Audio" studio and engineered by Bob Weston, also of Shellac. In 2003, 54-71 released "true men of non-doing," its second major label release, which was also engineered by Weston and recorded at John McEntire's (Tortoise) "SOMA" studio.

54-71 received overwhelming critical acclaim and support from fans while touring with friends Deerhoof and Pele in the U.S. In 2004, 54-71 released a "best of" album of all newly recorded songs entitled "All Songs Composed & Performed by 54-71" through the some of us label. Following this release, guitarist Noriaki Takada left the group. With Bingo Sato playing keyboard, the band started anew as an instrumental band, releasing an untitled single through some of us and a split EP with Nine Days Wonder.

In 2007, 54-71 began playing again as a four-piece band when its current guitarist, Takuya Takada joined the band. In 2008 54-71 established "contrarede," a label focused primarily on the band's own output, and released "I'm not fine, thank you. And you?"

While 54-71's sound betrays influences from various musical genres ranging from hip-hop, jazz, rock, soul, and funk to avant-garde, minimalist, and free music, it is far more than the simple sum of these parts. 54-71's authentically alternative sound comes from the "music" and "presence" that exists prior to generic categorizations.

“ ugly play ”  
from 『I'm not fine, thank you. And you?』(ctrd003)
  I'm not fine, thank you. And you? 2,800yen
1. ugly pray
  2. idiot (awakening of the Noex)
3. cosmetic overkiller
  4. cracked
  5. ceiling(detuned)
6. that's the way
  7. bloomin' idigott
  8. life is octopus
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